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This Valentine's season, my song almost two years in the making, "Rebound Phase," will be released on all platforms. My number one policy will always be honesty, especially with my listeners, so I would love to tell you where my head and heart are at today.

This was originally written just after I moved to New York and broke up with my high school sweetheart. A year later, I fell in love again. I fell hard and fast, in a whirlwind workplace romance that made me feel like I was living in a fairytale. Suddenly, that magic came crashing down in an instant. Finding out you love someone who doesn't even exist is devastating, and that's as lightly as I can put it. I discovered through a series of malicious texts he was cheating on me with my coworker and friend, lying to me and his ex-girlfriend. This all occurred right before a big week for me: my birthday, Valentine's, and the release of this single.

You guys, this is some DEEP stuff. You never think you could be the one to be deceived like this until it happens to you. Because it's not the infidelity that stings as much as the web of lies. If I've learned anything, it's that the truth will always shine through. Womanhood will overcome––I've been able to begin a friendship with another woman he hurt and we are healing together.

This song is dedicated to anyone who's been knocked down for their compassion and love. As hard as it is, remember no one can ever replace you.


This is..."Rebound Phase"

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